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  • Seems there is a need for a clearing house for skilled hardware manufacturing labor. Like what Odesk does for software or taskrabbit does in general. A place where subcontractors and the folks hiring them can rate each other like eBay does for buyers and sellers. Ratings for work quality, skills, turnaround time, reliability...

  • Which to me makes it seem unlikely to have been purchased in Coweta County. More likely it's national or international and the FBI or Interpol should be looking for someone who purchased many dozen or hundred boards.

  • I'll bet the case was closed because none of the orders matched their criteria. Looking at this logically, the sheriff's department divulged there were multiple skimmers. They were probably looking for an order with a high quantity of said board and there were none. It would probably be relatively easy for many of your customers to cobble something together to pull info off a card and transmit it via bluetooth to a logger. But one look out on hackaday, instructables, etc., there are very few homebrewed devices that look professional enough to seem legit to a reasonable person. That would probably require a custom made injection molded enclosure. Which implies a design team, software, hardware, ee. Then there's the use of the extracted data and laundering of the money skimmed. Another team to deploy and possibly retrieve said devices without being obvious on a security camera. Seems like you'd need a whole "organization" to pull that off... Just saying.

  • Paragraph 3 needs to be updated to reflect Arduino version and support for SD card.

  • After the rut, the stag engineer reverts back to his daily routine.

  • 2 years later and still thrice the price. Maybe you could bring down the cost by buying them from a retail Radio Shack store?

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