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  • Awesome. So, by 500ns, you mean using the highest frequency (1000Ks/s according to the code posted here http://forums.leaflabs.com/topic.php?id=739&page=3#post-4844) and getting two samples at a time? Because 2MS/s is crazy.

  • Also plasma arc speaker (tweeter) with a little different design and an adjustable arc length.

  • Check this out, designed at University of Louisville by Paul Faget and Seth Tucker a few months ago.

  • It should in theory be possible without the $600 kit. I just recieved the sparkfun eval board and intend to figure out how to do this. I'll update you on any progress.

  • It is "only" a connector, but I have gotten mine to work without an antenna attached (forgot the surface-mount to SMA adapter!). I think this means that the layout of the ant traces are well designed (yay, sparkfun).