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  • When trying out the “Station (and mDNS) Web Server” sketch, my Windows 10 PC could not resolve “thing.local”. Windows Bonjour service was installed and running, but was not recognizing the ESP8266 domain. Adding the line “MDNS.addService("http”, “tcp”, 80);“ to the bottom of setupMDNS() fixed the problem.

  • More info…After trying another mp3 convertor, I was able to rip full length stereo tracks from a CD and play them back on the MP3 trigger board at bit rates up to and including 160K. At 192K, the player plays the first 12-13 seconds and then start over, repeating continuously. Maybe it’s just the nature of the beast.

  • Hi, I just purchased an MP3 Trigger and dwas looking for any info relating to max mp3 file size or other limiting factors. I saw below that the max sample rate supported is 192K. I loaded a 128K sample rate 3 minute music file and it only plays about 10 seconds and starts over. Is this normal? Short SFX mp3 files of 5-6 seconds seem to run fine. Thanks!

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