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  • BTW, I clearly did not RTFM and I just hooked it up. If I had read the description, I would have known ahead of time that the mic sits at 1.5V.

  • I was pretty frustrated with this at first. I had the audio output tied directly to the ADC input and used an PWM-controlled LED to visualize the amplitude of the audio. It seemed that I had to tap on the microphone directly before I could see any change in the LED brightness, and even then sometimes it seemed to go the wrong way.

    Then I hooked up my scope and it was a head-slapping moment. The signal is 1.5V +/- 1.5V. A quick (though maybe flawed) change to my code involved more or less rectifying the signal. I saved the midpoint value of the signal before monitoring the ADC value, then subtracted the current value from the midpoint value. The magnitude of the difference was then written to the PWM register. Now I can talk several feet away from the mic and it picks it up. :)

  • What mode are you using? I've got this weird problem I'm dealing with where the AutoDriver seems to work in modes 0 and 3 intermittently, but not perfectly in either mode. The way I interpret the datasheet, it should be mode 0, but all sample code indicates mode 3, so I'm obviously confused by something.

    I don't know if you're using an SPI lib or bitbanging, but it seems that your only option is to have logic in your write() method that checks the mode and sets the idle clock value appropriately, and clocks in and out data according to the mode.

  • Sorry for this dumb question, but how did the stepper move after you sent the command? Did it move, and if so, do you know if it moved correctly? You could have one or more phases hooked up incorrectly. If kval hold isn't doing anything when you increase it, the only thing that comes to mind is phase wiring.

  • SW should be pulled low for commands like GoUntil and ReleaseSw to work.

  • Anyone have trouble reading data out of the BlinkM? I'm trying to read the firmware and just get back 0xFF, 0xFF, where I should be getting back 'a', 'a'. I am using the broadcast address 0x00, and sending the 'Z' command, then reading back two bytes.

  • Craig / Cyrus, I ended up writing an app where I could use sliders during motion commands to change the Kval values on the fly. I don't really have a good understanding of the values yet, though that's on my list of things to do, hence the temporary approach.

    I can't verify your statement about stopping on full steps. Can you point me to the exact page in the datasheet? I've read it twice and maybe I'm just blind... Thanks!

  • The communication protocol for changing colors and brightness is absent.

  • Anyone get the L6470 to run without constantly reporting stall errors on A and B?

  • Anyone having trouble setting the dynamic range to 8G? I have comms working, and can verify the device ID and read data. However, my data is always coming in with a 2G dynamic range, even when I set XYZ_DATA_CFG to FS1.

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