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  • David: The top-of-the-line magnifier to use while soldering is probably a Luxo Wave+Plus Magnifier which DigiKey and Mouser both sell. Its a rectangular illuminated lens on adjustable arm with no distortion across the entire glass areas unlike the cheap ones you see on Amazon and such. Unfortunately these things run around $400-$500 :p
    Go to a Chemist (Drug Store) For about $8 you can get 5x readers (glasses (spectacles)for old people) - These give you perfect stereo soldering vision for SMD.

  • RobertC.: Almost anything can be hand soldered. However, I would not want to hand solder them. You could hot air them on pretty easily though. Come on, you needed an excuse for a hot air rework station right?
    How about a tutorial hot-airgunning it on with a QFP 1125 Nozzle????? And the part where you just say ‘pre-tinned’ ?? Please video it as well. What aout solder paste option with the 1125 nozzle as well in the video.

  • What about some guidelines/video using the hot air station fitted with a 4-slot chip nozzle - surely this stresses the PCB less and allows the heat to target only/mainly the pins?? For example - ATMEGA168-20AU-ND chip and a QFP 10x10 nozzle fitted? Quick video of a pro using one please.

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