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  • So I’m having trouble getting this going.
    My configuration is
    Printer: Arduino
    Green: Digital 2
    Yellow: Digital 3
    Black: Gnd (the gnd next to VIN)
    Red: VIN
    Black: Gnd (the other gnd next to VIN)
    I’ve plugged a 9V 1000mA supply and a 4-5.5V 2.6-2.3A supply into the arduino and got the same results.
    Arduino Code-
    I ran the sample code but get nothing (not even in the serial monitor)
    The LED on the printer lights up, flashes twice strongly then settles to an intermittent weak flash. If I press line feed the paper advances ½", I don’t get demo mode at all.
    The Arduino is a Duemilanove which works (blink test runs fine).
    Anyone got any ideas? I suspect my problems lie on the Arduino side (since I see nothing in the serial monitor) and the printer side (is my power supply insuffic.? or something else?

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