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  • Your advertised specification �Output torque: 3.2kg/cm (19.6oz/in) (6V)� is incorrect. 3.2kg/cm converts to 44.4oz/in.

    In any case 44.4oz/in of torque and (60 degrees/1.8s) or about 60 rpm works out to about 2 watts. At 6V the current should be 333 mA. Allowing for 80% efficiency, 2.4 watts at 6V would require 400 mA.

    The requirement of this servo seems to be considerably more than 400 mA. The torque seems to be fairly high, maybe more than the 44.4oz/in.

    Member79076 indicated that of his two servos, one worked and one drew too much power. Maybe there IS something amiss with these servos. In any case they should all work the same. My two servos seemed to require much more power than the listed requirement and one died after applying enough power to make it function.

    The analysis continues.

  • The servo requires A LOT of power. My 500ma 5V supply drops down to 3V when powering the servo. When supplied with a 1A 9V supply, it works normally but the voltage drops as low as 7.9V. The connection in the connector is “servo standard” There is no way that this servo can be powered from any USB port and that is not really a problem for me. I really like the torque offered by this little device. I have not been able to measure the peak current yet but I expect that it is more than 1A. You may want to post this information.
    One of the servos no longer works at all. Its failure might have been caused by the wild cycling caused by the drop in voltage when using a supply that was insufficient.

  • Can we please have a data sheet?

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