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  • Thanks so much again for your help. This would be used for livestock behavior research. We have Kinetamaps that we are using for location and accelerometer to count steps and bites. We would like to add the ability to log the brightness of the sun. Basically, we are trying to determine at what sun intensity an animal seeks shade. So we would need the sensor to accurately record the brightness of the sun across all temperatures so that data recorded in the dead of winter is comparable to data that is recorded in the height of summer. Do you think this type of sensor is the right choice? If so, should I record temperature and use the multipliers to compensate for temperature?

  • Thanks so much!

  • Thanks so much. So, on a given day it could be 70 in the morning and 98 in the afternoon. Would I need to log temperature and do some sort of correction for the light measurement to be the same through out the day?

  • I was wondering how bad temperature would affect this sensor. We are planning on using them to determine the brightness of the sunlight on livestock. We are in the south and the heat can get rather extreme. Also, I only have 3.3 volts available, will this work with a lower voltage? Thanks, Brian

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