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  • News - New Product Friday: Cubel… | about 2 years ago

    Think about it from a kid’s point of view. We are all techies, we mostly know how stuff works. And most importantly because we know how stuff works, we come up with ideas of how we WANT stuff to work and end up hacking our stuff together.

    Kids don’t have this knowledge initially. This exposes them to the possibility that stuff CAN happen. Knowing how and wanting it to do stuff is what comes afterwards. Discovery is the first step.


  • News - New Product Friday: Cubel… | about 2 years ago

    I very respectfully disagree. When you are a kid instant gratification is an AWESOME high. It is fun, amazing, and awe inspiring. As a kid (in my case) I used to like to see what made stuff twitch and then see if I could use it somehow. I would say that the purpose of these cubes is to DO stuff with them. I’d say these things are great because they are a way to explore the world through technology. Kids who want to know how they work will always find a way to. :)

    Engineering is a way of making imagination turn into reality. Anything that raises questions, in my opinion, nourishes an engineering spirit.

  • News - March Caption Contest | about 2 years ago

    So easy a dog can do it!

  • News - According to Pete - July … | about 3 years ago

    purely awesome sir. I def. have to say that if THIS video had been available when I was taking electronics 001 in college I would have been one VERY smiley camper (dunno about the happy part :p ). Hope this really keeps going. REALLY liking the series!!

  • News - According to Pete - June … | about 3 years ago

    AWESOME Vid.
    For all N00bs watching and wondering what a transient is:
    A transient in layman’s terms is a signal irregularity. We tend to think of AC as a perfect sine, and DC as a perfect flat signal but in reality it takes some time (very small) to get there. The signal irregularities happening until you get the “regular shape” of the signal is what a transient is. :)
    Some info :
    ESR = Equivalent Series Resistance
    quiescent = stable
    AC and DC coupling: http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/ph/p/id/9

  • News - E-Textiles Tutorial | about 3 years ago

    Guys! I know this is not related to the post. But @ google I/O : android is officially supporting open hardware!! :)
    android + sparkfun stuff = total awesomeness :)

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