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  • I have been using this without trouble for 9 months, but today tried it with the rsterm program. It seemed to communicate correctly via the serial port and obey commands, but when I started trying python functions, it stopped communicating altogether via the serial port. Resetting and powering up and down had no effect, and it looks like the serial port communications have stopped altogether.
    I can send the unit sms messages and do at commands that way so it is still operating as a gsm modem.
    Anyone know how to totally reset the unit? Is this a failure? When connected to the PC it appears as a serial com port (com8)but neither rsterm or putty can communicate with it.

  • I have the same question. Looks like the schematic says the 3 GE865 VBATT pins come out to a test point (3X5?). Looking at the physical board, that appears to be a plated thru hole near the GND pin end of the 0.1 inch spaced row of holes. It is unclear if the 3.8 volt regulator would produce a drain on the li-ion battery if it was simply connected here.

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