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  • It seems like one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is to assume that their labor is free or at least forget to account for it. Pricing that expense correctly makes possible both transitioning that task and scaling the production capacity.

    Choose a reasonable hourly pay rate and figure out how many boards per hour an experienced and competent assembler can produce. Divide the hourly rate by the expected number of boards and that’s your labor cost per board.

    why not leverage all the available hackerspaces, kids with free time, or adults looking for work?

    Like labor, errors are an expense that needs to be accounted for or mitigated somehow. Crowd-sourced or flash mob assembly just seems ripe for QA issues. I guess one way to make it work would be to sell the parts (at cost) to the assembler and pay them for every board that passes QA (labor+parts).

    Crowd-sourced assembly might not be compatible with the various regulatory and certification regimes. That might even require each assembler to hold their own certifications (which will increase the pay they can demand).

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