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  • You are not just paying for parts, you are paying for the calibration and dosing accuracy as well as the various modes. If all you want is a pump and don't care that much what it actually puts out, buy the $12.50 one. It's the same reason people buy a Rigol or Tektronix scope instead of a DSO nano for less that quarter of the price or why they buy Nippon Chemi-con caps instead of the bargain one hung low special.

  • Yep, sure enough P2N2222 is NPN and the symbol is incorrect.

  • I'll just buy a BK Precision or a Gossen Metrawatt next time I am in the market for a multimeter. The heck with Fluke.

  • Well you know you can go get a something like a Rigol DS1120E with one million point deep sample memory for about the same price (less if you don't mind used). The only thing you'll give up is the screen, 800x480 for the ATTEN vs. 320x240 for the Rigol.

  • It should not really be all that surprising, Digikey is a hell of a lot bigger than Sparkfun.

  • Wish I'd remembered this when I ordered the Link Sprite lol.

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