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  • Product WRL-11664 | last year

    I should note from vast experience with these modules (have had almost all of them through my hands, including the Xtend): “The right antenna” and “High gain antenna” here just means a very directional yagi. In other words, the stated ranges generally only hold true for around 10x less range with a omnidirectional (normal) antenna.

  • Product PRT-11370 | about a year ago

    Connections are as follows (not mentioned in the datasheet) (1: Vcc) (2: D-) (3: D+) (4: NC) (5: GND)

  • Product SEN-08628 | about a year ago

    read range 200mm? The guy in your own tutorial says, and I quote, “3 inches, definately not 7 inches”. That was in perfect ideal conditions. Weird specsheet.

  • Product LCD-11740 | about a year ago

    Nice item, though i’m breaking my head on how i can buy a 1080p HD screen for the same price, or an entire netbook, or, a nexus 7.

  • Product COM-11152 | about a year ago

    This is actually delivered with a flimsy silver ring instead of the nice dark plastic screw that belongs to it.

  • Product COM-09732 | about a year ago

    404 on the datasheet there

  • Product BOB-09169 | about a year ago

    How do i pump this up to 10V peak to peak? :) Opamp.. and then what?

  • Product BOB-10680 | about a year ago

    Hi guys. wrong name. 74HC595 should be 74LS595D. For some reason that’s not noted in the above description or title.

  • Product DEV-11061 | about a year ago

    When the windows machine says unknown device, do this: http://thegeekoftheworld.com/arduino-mega-2560-drivers-install/comment-page-1/

  • Product ROB-09668 | about a year ago

    can this be used with arduino? how? Please answer my question customer support, then i’ll buy three.

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