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  • So are you going to provide some working code samples that make this all work? And also sample applications. This is not as simple as you guys like to make it seem. At least not for a new guy.
    I am retired and this micro processor stuff is a new hobby for me. All new. I am doing okay but struggle at every new project to write or find code that actually works. It ain’t as easy as just doing a Google search. It takes a lot of work to build up a knowledge base.
    You will be greatly rewarded if you provide working software with your retail packaged items. You, as the vendor should provide working code. Then we the user can get started sooner and then do the code modifications and post them on the Internet. It is not easy for a new comer to sort all of the bad code from the good code examples out there.
    All in all what you have done so far for us amateurs is amazing and I thank you. tadd

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