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  • One question, one suggestion.
    Question - how noisy is this iron? I have a similar unit (definitely not a rebadged Hakko, but an own-brand job from Maplin here in the UK) and it's great - except that it generates a huge amount of RF hash which it seems to inject straight back into the mains. If you're in the habit of having short-wave radio on in your workspace, this can be a real downer.
    Suggestion - an old trick for running simple 110v equipment on 220v mains is the wattless dropper, a suitably specified diode in line with the AC supply. This is not much good for anything that cares about waveform, but when you're driving a resistive load to make heat (or light) it's surprisingly effective. For this sort of application, a 1N4005 is traditional. Anyone brave enough to try?

  • Fab (sorry) story! Written up here, and I'll be watching avidly to see how things develop...

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