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  • I am trying to connect the module to a simple Serial TX/RX (ftdi 232 chip). The power supply, TX/RX lines are all 3v. Whenever I send the commands to the chip using hyperterminal, the characters that are typed get repeated multiple times. When I try to type “AT B?” I see “AAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB????????????????” and after hitting the enter key multiple times, “ERROR” is displayed multiple times. I have checked my soldering connections and there are no shorts/bridges between the contacts. Please let me know if anybody has been able to get this to work over simple serial connection. My connections are as follows : PIN15 - GND, PIN14- 3.3v, PIN 10 - UART TX(from PC) , PIN9 - UART RX(to PC).

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