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  • When do you anticipate having more of this product in stock?

  • oh but btw, the part where you said you were going to offer introductory documentation to some of your products is GENIUS. Getting started as a noob is difficult, not knowing things about I2C or SPI or TTL or what-have-you but giving tutorials on all those basic subjects would definitely be a plus in my book.

  • One of the things I like best about Sparkfun is that its unique. Messing around with microcontrollers is kinda like a diamond in the rough and adding plastic packaging to parts will make it feel too "commercial" if you know what I mean. It gives it too much of an industrial/prepakcaged/one-size-fits all kinda feel when really your products are the focus of many original and creative efforts.
    I believe that was one part of the downfall of radioshack...they took a specialized interest and field and tried to turn it into an every day deal where it was no longer special.

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