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  • I put a small spot of super glue on the bottom of the plastic enclosure then positioned the tabs going through the hole in such a way that all three of them were to one side of their respective holes. Then I just flooded the tab that was closest to the edge of the hole.

  • Echoing the above comments, got it today, 45 mins assembly (only because I wasn't 100% on a couple of things), powered up and boom goes the dynamite, a ps for my breadboard! I apparently have either bad vision or just don't mind the bright LED, so I'm leaving it. Great kit Spark, very much enjoyed it!
    If you're new to all of this, couple of hints if your confused. The silver band on the reverse protection diode (the black barrel with the two wires coming out) goes over the line divide on the silkscreen. The pic above is pretty accurate for placement. If you have an Android phone, I highly recommend ElectroDroid. It's free (But I encourage you to donate, it's not much and the app is awesome) and you can plug the colors of your resistors in and it gives you the value.

  • Thank you once again America for making me swear off forums of any sort. I tried, I ran out of time, I went on with my day. I will continue to buy stuff from Spark because everything I have from them (gifts only so far) has been to use a military term "fucking outstanding".