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  • The reason for STEAMs potency is that Art gives the other 4 topics a context that all kids can understand, create, talk about and engage. Have you ever seen students who are in a coma during a school day being drilled in rote math and science clasess being taught to the test and then bloom during art class, or a STEAM based class? (if they have one)

    I have found students much more willing to engage in engineering when the problem they are solving is embedded in an artistic endeavor, STEAM Carnival is an awesome example of this! When you present engineering concepts and problems to students who are lacking in curiosity and/ or creativity, you get a flat return. With art, kids intrinsically get it! Art is context!

  • would the outcome essentially be a mono across 2 outputs with the single tied pot?

  • sorry for the comment to an old thread, but I am looking for clarification. Could I tie both pots together and just use one 10k pot. Looking to control volume for both channels with minimal effort (single 10k pot). Thanks!

  • The IR emitter and receiver pair would be a great addition to the SIK at financially little cost when looking at the increase in learning potential.

  • Trying to decide whether or not to climb the corporate ladder at Sparkfun

  • I had my technology classes who are using the SIK as part of my curriculum view the video, I went over a few things, I then released them to play with servos for the class period. They were engaged and excited to be doing something they had just seen from the video and were asking how they could use them in projects. Awesome Job!

    I think this would be an awesome video series segeway on how to start and get into working on an AVC vehicle!

  • Just tested it on my RaspberryPi... plug and play tried and true with the pre-loaded Scratch on Raspbian. odd... the Pico board is larger than the computer that it is plugged into :)

  • CHALLENGE: How far into the 10 hours can you last before shoving a soldering iron in your ear?

  • Awesome video nick! As a teacher this is exactly what i'm looking for to be able to communicate electronics and logic to students! I was hoping for a room sized domino rally network... but I'll put my students on that one!