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  • Mine is successfully speaking with a DS18B20, using the OneWire library. I haven’t gone any further than having it spit the temperature reading out the serial port yet.

    (had some issues on the WiFi side which have since been pretty much resolved. It was a Christmas present so obviously I haven’t been working on it for very long:) )

    I would say that for your purposes, this thing (Thing) is an Ardiuno with a WiFi shield.

  • I’m having problems with the Arduino library on Linux. I’ve got a Weather Shield. (which uses this sensor and the MPL3115A2 library) I successfully built the sample code, and successfully made a few changes to send the readings inside with a set of Xbees. All that was, however, done using a Windows 7 machine. The Windows box is inconvenient for further development. (it’s in a room full of ham gear & there’s really no space for a set of weather sensors:) ) I have a Linux (Ubuntu) machine in a much larger room.

    But I can’t get the code to build on the Linux box. I get a few dozen “MPL3115A2.h:619:9: error: stray ‘#’ in program” errors, and a dozen or two other errors of various types. I’ve tried re-downloading the library, both from the link on this guide and the one on the WeatherShield guide. (they point to two different URLs) I’ve tried simply copying the folder from the Windows machine. I’ve tried running “dos2unix” on the .h and .cpp files in case there was a line-ending disagreement. None of it has worked.

    The Weather Shield also uses the HTU21D humidity sensor. I downloaded that library from the link on the WeatherShield guide & it works fine. (at least, there are no compile errors citing that library)

    Again, the same sketch will build (and run) perfectly if I build it on the Windows box. I’m confused.

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