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  • Nice to see that I'm not the only one using KiCad. KiCad is great, and has absolutely nothing to envy to Eagle. I really hope some day Sparkfun will get things strait and migrate to an OS editor.

  • Too bad the multimeter Software isn't avalaible for GNU/Linux nor MacOSX. Sparkfun, take note: multiplatform, please.

  • Wiii!! Software is avalaible for GNU/Linux! :D

  • Juk :S Software is a .exe. Sparkfun, please take note: Multiplatform. We are no longer in 1995. Please!

  • Yes, that was sarcasm, and very funny jeje
    FUD.EXE: Fear, uncertainty and doubt, related to the makers of some operating system (hence the EXE). Also is the name of a malware :P

  • BTW this post is just great, congratulations to you guys, you're awesome.
    I have my personal dream that someday Sparkfun is going to use a free Software CAD for their boards, like KiCAD. Someday... someday. I understand the implications of this, for your business and customers, believe me, but respectfully I think it's a double standard to create free hardware in proprietary software, especially when you expect the world to learn, reuse, reinterpret and improve the knowledge. Michael Ossman, creator of the Ubertooth One, created and awesome board with free Software, so I think the technical capabilities are there.

  • I'm sure I've read that somewhere already... oh wait yes, this are the traditional arguments proprietary Software companies has been using against free software for so long... come on... do you really believe that? So.. Android, Linux, Apache, Arduino, PHP, MySQL, LibreOffice, Python, Ubuntu, etc, are "small" projects?

  • The description say 2.7-4.2V, but the datasheet say 2.5-3.5V. Which do I choose?

  • Be careful: the inverter input in this board is directly wired to the raw entry, if you look the schematic, raw is either the battery (~3.7V) or the USB bus (5V), depending of the position of the switch. However, the COM-10201 inverter below has a maximum operating voltage of 3.5V (according to datasheet), maybe with 3.7V is not so a problem, but be careful when you switch the board to USB and the inverter still connected.

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