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  • I've never done it, but you should be able to mix microrax and makerbeam. The brackets aren't that different. You should be able to use makerbeam beams with microrax brackets. If the spacing between holes is the same, you should be able to go the other way as well.

  • I'd like to see the "same" thing, but with a female USB B jack instead of A. Those seem to be harder to find (although I've found some) and are very useful when you put things into enclosures.

  • I don't always wear safety glasses when I solder. Sometimes I wear a full face shield instead. :)
    I need to wear glasses to see up close and they are expensive enough that I'd like to protect them as well. I don't like to wear safety glasses/goggles over them.

  • It might be nice to have room for a header that connects to the unused pins of the RJ45. In the past, I've run RS485, power, and 1-wire through the same cat5 cable with good results. A header connecting to those pins on this board would make that easier.

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