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  • Wow I didn't see it that way, but that's excellent! Thanks!

  • Nice looking product. I was wondering, how does this work actually? How does the sensor measure distance, by measuring how much time it takes for light to travel and bounce back after transmitting? Is this PIC on board fast enough to do that? Or the receiving TSOP is some kind of analog type, which outputs received signal strength that PIC interprets to distance. There is no Datasheet for this TSOP, you didn't provide good document. The X-motion is easy to understand once Z-axes is understood :-)

    Edit: I just read from schematics that this is the TSOP used: http://www.vishay.com/docs/82434/tsop572.pdf and it outputs digital information, not analog. From this it must be that they are measuring time of flight, of the light :-) Correct?


  • it would be great to see a countdown clock here on the webpage.

  • Hey, that's not the entire country list of winners! :-)

  • I answered 4 questions and it took me 3 hours for that :-)
    Thanks SF!

  • This chip is almost mythical, you can't find it anywhere...

  • Hello! Any update on Eagle component and footprint for this GPS? I am in the middle of my PCB and can't go any further :(

  • Chipcon (TI) wireless modules - 315/433/868/915/2.4, choose your RF band.
    SMD atmega's and pic's.
    SMD passive components in general. Why not!?

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