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  • CharlieH.:
    I believe that was one part of the downfall of radioshack…they took a specialized interest and field and tried to turn it into an every day deal where it was no longer special.

    That may be, but I know that as a kid, one thing that held me back was having to order everything (grossly overpriced LEDs and resistors from RS aside). Being able to just walk into a store and buy a hobbyist-friendly GPS module or Arduino makes this sort of tech much more accessible to some people. I do like the other comment about making modular displays, by the way. At any rate, in Vancouver we have several good electronics stores that aren’t consumery chains like RadioShack, where I think these sorts of products would have good appeal without losing anything as the poster suggests. I actually mentioned this article to someone at one of them today, and I think they were going to take a look, at least.

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