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  • shouldn't food "venders" be "vendors"? sorry if i come off as a grammar Nazi...

  • well, not "everything". Not all Arduino libraries are ported afaik. check the libraries that are ported here:

  • It's actually pretty awesome. But don't let the "16-bit ADC" fool you. It's technically 16-bit, but the noise-level is so high that it's really just 12-bit.

    Still an awesome board (and you can use the Arduino IDE and do everything with it that you can with an Arduino and even more)!

    I highly recommend it! It's even cheaper than an Arduino!

  • I tried it myself, and I must say it's impressive and way faster with uploads than the Arduino. Definitely the best option if you want something powerful, small, and easy to use. Oh, and cheap! under $20!!!

  • even more rare are like-minded people who share the love of tinkering... That's an even better benefit!

  • Do you guys realize how AWESOME this is for ppl in the middle east? I spent my high school there (the agony of never having access to electronics parts!!!). Electronics parts are more rare than diamonds over there! All you can get are some common discrete components (resistors, some transistors and diodes). I had people laugh at me for asking if they sold phototransistors (or just some simple stuff like voltage regulators and what-not)

    tl;dr hopefully, there'll soon be a Sparkfun-like community (and supplier) in the Middle East...

  • Is it just me, or does this solder smell sweet when it burns? LOL, I'm trying my best to avoid its burning vapor, but DAMN it smells weird!

    BTW, for those who never tried this, this REALLY is the greatest solder ever (AFAIK). Somehow, it perfectly flows unto the holes and rarely sticks on your soldering iron (this is great for an utter klutz like me who shakes like insane and can't solder for sh**)

    I just wish it wasn't that expensive! Damn you, silver! Y u so expensive?! :P

    oh, btw, get the thinner one (.02") if you tend to oversolder things (blob wars) like me...

  • The new-product post says this kit has 5 RFID cards, but this page says only 2. I'm assuming you haven't updated this page. Please do so (but don't update the price; unless you'll bump it down so broke-ass nerds like me can afford one)...

    thank you

  • but... but...


    LOL I will donate money to get that beard to grow back! :P

  • are you sure this thing gives 16-bit data output? From the resolution in the datasheet, it looks like it's 12-bits not 16... Can someone double-check this please?

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