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  • I am trying to pass FCC/ IC and CE testing. Part of the process is the Spurious Emissions test. I am trying to contact the manufacturer to figure out how to control which channel the device is broadcasting on (need to select highest frequency and lowest frequency). Does anyone here know how it could be done?


  • Is there any issue with having two or more of these units in close proximity with each other?

  • Selling the bare IC would be excellent! Working in an R&D department, your breakouts and kits are great asset for quick and simple development testing, but our end goal is always to integrate into a common board, and an issue we have had with other companies is the availability of the IC’s outside of large scale agreements.

    PS. Thanks SparkFun for always being awesome! Loyal customer and always referring SparkFun to everyone

  • I have been seeing these modules online a lot (putting together a load cell project) but I cannot find the IC used by itself - definitely buying one or more of these, but for future application want to integrate into an IC, any hints?

  • All I want is normal tab behaviour

  • This is awesome news!!! I have been using SparkFun kits and parts to teach high school FIRST Teams basic programming and electronics for a couple of years :)

  • If you read the user agreement or device manuals of these chips as well as the atmels used in the arduino, or windows operating systems, they are not to be used in any situation where it could be a life saving device. If you designed a life saving device with parts not designed for the application or rated for the application, its on you.

  • Can this chip be hot air reflow soldered to pcb’s? In the documentation they do not mention safe temperature range.

  • What was the final build cost?

  • I have the exact same question

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