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  • Is there a datasheet or part number for those poke home connectors? They look really slick and want to use them on a custom arduino shield

  • When the board is running at 3.3V, isn't 16Mhz outside of the freq range for the 328P?

  • The schematic PDF only has the 1st sheet

  • Quick Nick, replace the PNP for an NPN, his face actuators are pulled high

  • I want to build one !!!!!!

  • Probably seem very off topic - how did you mill that border with the OtherMill??? I can't figure out how to mill features like that with files from EagleCAD

  • Has anyone had any luck finding the HX711 bare IC available anywhere? We are looking to integrate one into a new PCB, up to now we have been using the first version of this board (works great!!!!!!!) for prototyping. We are just ready to make the next step with development and can't find this chip on SparkFun, DigiKey, Mouser or Arrow. We bought a bunch of these boards and stripped them just to populate some of our boards

    We love using spark fun breakouts for prototyping!

  • I am having an issue right now where Arduino cannot upload to the Simblee. I get the message :

    Timeout reading from uart.

    I have tried to see if the device shows up as a BLE device on my iPhone, but it doesn't show up. I am using the 5V FTDI cable from sparkfun and I have verified that 3.3V is on the Simblee breakout pins.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

  • Is this part in the SparkFun Eagle Library?

  • H-Bridhe block is the best cause of robots!!! Been racing autonomous cars for years, and the biggest challenge is performance in a small package. Intel Edison + H-Bridge is the perfect combo for an intelligent and fast car :)