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  • I like the idea. Neat concept. A little concerned about heat though. If I play for more than 30 min while a battery pack is plugged into my phone the combined heat makes my phone really warm. In the early days of Ingress (the predecessor of Pokemon Go), heat was always a problem for many phones. Luckily phones have gotten better and Ingress scanner app got more efficient. But I’d be concerned about frying your phone while using this long term. Just a concern and maybe some consideration should be put it into putting vent holes in the case.

    Otherwise, props for a neat design!

  • Are these available as kits for those of us who can’t make it to Colorado? My wife has been teaching my son how to use the sewing machine and I think it would be neat to have a project to incorporate his interest in electronics.

    I think I recognize some lilypad components on the bird.

  • I can now confirm that this board will work for the DS3234 RTC. The DS3234 is a 30 mil package.

  • I’ll rephrase tdma’s question.
    Is it true this will not work with a 300 mil package? For example the DS3234:

  • brennen:

    I think a very telling bit of information would be how many people got this email
    5726, give or take. We definitely didn’t plan on sending any of those; the underlying assumption was that people who entered the quiz at all would manage to submit at least one question. We obviously should have thought harder about that logic.
    Hmm, interesting. So of the 9,884 who attempted the quiz only a little over 4,000 could actually take the quiz? I’m not complaining, but it does make for an interesting thing to ponder for future Free Days if they happen. I’m only wishing I had found you guys a few months earlier so that I could have 1 year under my belt. :)

  • I think a very telling bit of information would be how many people got this email:
    “You chose to gamble with the quiz questions. You attempted 0 questions. Unfortunately, you didn’t win any money this time around."
    I clicked on the quiz, but never got to a question.
    In fact it would be interesting to see a histogram of how many questions people attempted. Not how many they got right or wrong, but how many they got through. This would be a decent metric for seeing how many consecutive pages a person could hit the server before it booted them.

  • I’ve been trying to find information on what capacitors to use with this crystal without much luck. Best I could come up with is 22pF for both caps. If anyone has any suggestions on where to find cap information I’d love to hear it. If not, I’ll report back with some tests after I receive the part.

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