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  • Just to clarify, I spoke with 4D about whether there were necessary shutdown procedures that needed to be implemented when using this unit and they said no. They had never seen a display fail because of such a thing.
    They did recommend implementing shutting off the screen when it’s not in active use by one’s device/project/etc. This can be done via a command in 4DGL.
    So for those concerned about whether plugging/unplugging this display would cause it to fail, it is not a concern.

  • Yes - the Mega 2650 was designed to be able to use existing Arduino shields. I bought one for my Mega 2650 and it works exactly like it would with a Duemilanove.

  • In case you’re a dolt like me that doesn’t know how to read a datasheet, here’s a quick synopsis on what you need to do to get this module working in ASCII mode with an Arduino:
    Pins 1 and 7 to Arduino GND (ground)
    Pins 2 and 11 to Arduino 5V
    Pin 9 to Arduino Pin 0 (RX)
    Then you can just read serial data as usual (9600 baud). As mentioned earlier, the breakout board plus soldering some Xbee headers and 0.1 headers make this very easy.
    The newest datasheet on id-innovations site ( also mentions the following regarding Pin 9:
    “There is no need for a 1k protection resistor, but a 1k resistor will make the circuit safer for testing and reduce EM noise.”

  • It’s unfortunate that Ryan’s comment has to be the first comment on such an interesting and creative topic. I’d like to add my voice as another engineer that thinks e-fashion is pretty amazing. I consider e-fashion an equal, new and creative form of engineering and I love hearing about new creations and innovations in the e-textile world.
    To my creative e-fashion brothers and sisters, please ignore Ryan’s comment.

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