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  • Jkezilla , Again, a lot of advice from a person not in the driver's seat. There is always the option of letting Sparkfun have their opinion and accept their explanation, without assigning some type of profit based ulterior motive. Constantly telling them its not as bad as they make out. As a rule, Tariffs ARE bad for business at all levels.

  • Exactly

  • It's funny how the people that don't own the businesses in the middle of this trade war seem to be able to tell those of us who are how we should handle it . I have no customers that are going to thank me for a price increase. Just as I won't thank my suppliers when they nail me with one,caused by the us. tariff's This trade war has placed those in the middle as walking on the edge of the blade.

  • First I'll say ... I don't care about politics, I don't care about who the government thinks they are punishing. I go by empirical data. The answer is a lot of people that didn't do anything wrong are getting punished.. Secondly, My company makes wire harnesses and we use whatever terminals the customer spec's, Unfortunately, some of the more popular kinds aren't made in the United States, some in China, some in Europe. Also , the companies that make these terminals aren't likely to move their manufacturing lines to America. Anyway, just as Sparkfun is caught in the middle, so are other small companies. I really hope the government can declare a victory soon and get us out of the middle of this. Bottom, line when the government tariff's imported products, the tariffs are a tax meant to make it economically prohibitive to import the products for use in our country.If you have to use them, you will pay up to %100 more to do so. Many people wonder where the tariffs go that the government is collecting on imports, they go to the US Treasury. I really appreciate the efforts of the folks at Spark fun to try to keep things going smoothly. It's pretty hard.

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