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  • Once-upon-a-time the US was championing globalisation asking the third world come on board. This was at a time the US had a large trade surplus and were all happy to the bank, now the manufacturing is on the other foot and suddenly globalisation now taste sore in our mouths, how sad. If the US wants to keep it's work force alive then it must match the competition elsewhere, and are you saying I owe it to patriotism to support American work force even if it's going to cost me more?

    Tell me if this business model is taught at Harvard business school? I feel sad to note Sparkfun staff are idiots.

  • I appreciate pointing to tons of research papers on the subject. But must admit the west has priced it's self out of the mass production market. Isn't competition the tenets of capitalism? Two years ago we watch carrier company folded up into Mexico as a result of uncompetitiveness due high wages, did the workers ask for pay cut to stay the relocation to Mexico? hell no. In any case it's going to take US manufacturing industry years to close the gap of pricing seen from the far east. 25% hike in tariffs will still not make same products cheaper if manufactured here in the US.

    Some one must tell me if reopening the coal mines will guarantee jobs for same people whom voted the way they did? Cutting the nose to spite the face.

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