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  • What are those beam-interrupt devices they are using? I'm not finding them - they look great!

  • This is fantastic. I'm going to build a crane-claw for my kids bedroom. The servocity servo pan/tilt(for more weight), some aluminum angle, heavy fishing line and your joystick break-out - and I'm in!

    Now when I say - "clean your room!" It'll be fun!

    Nice work guys - especially on the price!

  • The way mine works is by using a short tunnel thats the length of the smaller dog. When she goes in she sets off the RFID detector and her size prevents the other dog from getting to her bowl while she's there.

  • I'll be there with my wife and two boys! They can tell you about the bubbler, the spinning string, the laser canons and the RFID-controlled dog feeder (the older beagle likes to steal).

    Looking forward to meeting a few of the team!

  • I had this problem too - all you have to do is reverse the motor for a few ms. Causes an instant stop.

    I wrote a little routine:

    void stopMotor() { digitalWrite(dir_a, HIGH); delay(30); analogWrite(pwm_a, 0); digitalWrite(dir_a, LOW); }

    It reverses the motor, waits a little, then kills the motor, and restores the original direction.

    Gives a nice hard stop.

  • It says it in the description - but it should be said again 'cause I didn't notice it when I bought it.

    This boards lights up to show you which motor is running at which direction and speed!

    Which is just awesome.

    Trying to sell your idea to management ( or your kids )? Make sure it has lots of blinky lights!

  • This inspired me to make one for my boys. Thanks!

    I just finished and they are having all kinds of fun experimenting with rotation speed. I added a strobe to it, so they've been playing with the strobe speed and the rotation speed for nifty effects.

    Its really cool - and educational.