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  • Years ago I purchased the "Shack's" identical twin of this heat gun, and recently have been using it to melt the strong adhesive Apple has been using to hold the LCD bezel in place on their line of MacBook Airs (and other areas) along with some light reflow work. The built in nozzle is too wide to avoid melting the rubber gasket (or potentially do permanent damage to the LCD), or precision work in general, but I happened to have an older set of Wilton brand frosting/icing piping bag tips that solved the problem. They're metal, fit perfectly over the built in nozzle as if they were accessory reflow tips, and give a much greater concentration/direction of airflow. If you don't want to permanently damage the piping tip or the heat gun's nozzle, it's extremely easy to take the heat gun apart and use general purpose (uncoated) wire threaded through both nozzles, twisted to tighten, and reinstall with no need for Dremel-ing (as long as you don't place the wire where the original nozzle has cut outs to fit into the plastic housing).

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