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  • I just confirmed that the ArduinoISP can be used to program the SMD SMT version of the ATTiny85 chip. I used the Arduino 0022 IDE and board definitions and older version of the instructions from MIT High Low Tech. (The updated instructions for Arduino 1.0 fail for me.)

  • I had trouble with the Arduino IDE 1.0

    I reverted to the old Arduino 0022 instructions and board definitions and everything worked again. I think the new instructions are just incomplete or something.

  • Free day was Rubbish!

  • I hope everyone figured out that for each two captcha words only the curved word with the inverted color region needed to my typed (nearly) correctly. The other word would often by in hebrew or math symbols and any guesss worked. Even if the second word was easily readable you could enter "SAD;FLKJ" or "p" and it would be valid. I think these are the words where the captcha users are helping the optical character recognition. If any number of sparkfun users figure this out then they just loaded the captch database with a boatload of crappy data.

    Oh, and I hated this contest but only because I did not win. How about next time you only let users enter once per radioactive 'hit'. Perhaps choose from the non-robots that entered since the last 'geiger tic' but I hated sitting their, not knowing when the money was being given away, even if anyone else in the world was winning. Ugh. So much lost productiviy.

    And yes, next time my lab needs parts I might go to digikey instead out of spite.

  • Index tic would be nice.

  • Do I need to include a voltage regulator to power this with a 3.7 Volt single cell LiPo battery such as http://www.sparkfun.com/products/341 ?

  • User manual says this supports WEP and WPA security so you could likely use it on your existing secure home network.

  • Also consider the ATTiny 85 which can be programmed by an arduino. It can even use just it's internal oscillator to obviate the need for an external crystal. Here's an example I made.

  • Does someone know where I can find an EAGLE part for with with appropriate pin labels and footprint?