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  • I have an exercise bike attached to a small DC motor which is attached to a enphase inverter which is attached to my solar array. The enphase inverters are “micro inverters”, you use one per solar panel. So I put an extra one in to the bike.
    Hers the problem from the follow the money perspective. Cost of the inverter and motor: $250. I don’t ride it much in the summer (I commute to work by bike instead)… but, if you ride it for 30 minutes (pushing pretty hard) you will generate about 40-50Watt Hours of electricity. That means I’m generating about 80-100 watts. (powering just ONE light bulb)
    Here is the kicker, 1 Kwh (1000 watt hours) will cost you from the power company about .10 (yes 10 cents). So recover of the $250 I spent building it? just about never. But if was a fun project.

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