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  • After a back and the forth with a SparkFun rep, I learned that I wasnt getting enough power to drive the inverter and arduino board. Apparently the inverter I bought doesn’t integrate well with the El Escudo. So, it is mainly a power issue, which I’m still trying to sort out.

  • no, you’ll have to buy them separately and solder them onto the board.

  • oh the status led on el escudo is blinking, but not the el wire. hmmm

  • yup that was me! so i soldered headers to the el escudo and plugged in the inverter (the two wires labeled “3V” is input, right?). Nothing was blinking, the I think the board is getting power because I can here the inverter humming. Any tips on trouble shooting? Do you think doing a better soldering job will help?
    I even programmed the status led to blink on the El Escudo, but it’s not blinking.

  • I’m prototyping for a larger installation, so I want to power El Escudo from the Arduino for prototyping purposes, but I’m not sure how to do that.
    Would I need to connect the El Driver pinholes to the Arduino’s power pins?
    I am using the Duemilanove and the 3V inverter sold by SparkFun (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10201).

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