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  • I was wondering why the on/off switch said on/chg

    any simple way to bridge that charging circuit into say, some worn solar cells? those +/- on the datasheet don't seem to make it to the charging circuitry.

  • can this new usb functionality allow arduino be recognized as a usb asset that can be shared over LAN such as a webcam/printer? or would that require some more work with socket API for streaming and such?

  • somewhat unrelated, but the psp (equipped with the proper homebrew software) can receive video signals and put them on-screen semi-naively, through usb. the only application that I know that is capable of using this is pspdisp:

  • ahh, sparkfun. you're all breadboard and pcb friendly, yes, but when will you realize that you need through mount-screw in and screw-on (like with a screw over the whole switch/potentiometer) spdt switches, rotary encoders, and potentiometers... in practical applications most of these interface devices need to be mounted flush with the face of an often-used surface (not a breadboard) and hot glue doesn't cut it holding those in those cases. you need hardware mounting solutions... sad but the local radio shack is beating you on this field. please get some in!

  • Uhh, throwing in my two cents in hopes for some sparkfun representative feedback... uhh, a bit curious about this, these brushless motors would take the equivalent of a laser power supply (extremely high voltage) to run at their rated voltage.. which i find rather odd. I run regular brushless motors quite often (tri-pole bridge brushless motors, just like these ones) at 12 volts (the rating on my motor) and it works just fine. since when has 36 gauge magnet wire been able to have 3 kilovolts run through it without internal arcing? just wondering. by the way, if you find any large lots of harddrives being sold on the cheap, you can source LOTS of these out of those old 5-10 gig harddrives that will easily run up to 10k rpm and have fluid bearings... but i digress. i'm guessing the specs were misread on this one or something.. i just have some extreme disbelief that these would take 3 kilovolts without some serious enamel wire melt-action...

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