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  • Should the bootloader in the "Bootloader Files" folder be called "WiringBoot_ATmega644_8MHz-57600.hex", shouldn't it be "...ATmega2560..."? Should this be the file included http://code.google.com/p/wiring/downloads/detail?name=WiringBoot_sparkfun-megapro-8MHz.hex as posted in a comment above?

  • This is the same error I get when trying to download code to the board on my mac too. In addition to trying using my mac I have also tried using a completely separate windows machine and it gives me the same error but with more details as to what its doing: http://pastebin.com/cudy6BKr I hope this helps, I'm really looking forward to using this board :D

    Update: I just installed Wiring 1.0 and the Sparkfun board definition files and downloaded through that, no luck with that either, same errors.

  • I've been having the exact same problem ever since I received it just under a week ago. I am using Arduino IDE 0023 on mac. Although I have tried using windows and it gives me the same error.

  • Sorry, I found the answer to my own problem. For anyone else who was wondering there is a google group for this with updated AHRS code its in the comments for the previous revision of this board.

  • Has anyone managed to get the AHRS code to work properly with the latest revision of the board yet? Or does anyone know how to modify it to make it work properly?