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  • SparkFun Guys!!! Guys!!! I found this on my recently received El Escudo(after trying to get function without a ugly flickering effect and All channel almost always on), using my multimeter to check continuity, the first triac(just before "El Escudo" label, have continuity in first and third pin -and of course with the (its that normal?), checking all others does not seem have this problem. Its a way to fix it? need some replacement?

  • Seems a little like a special purpose vero board or strip board like.

  • Spark Fun Guys, please check images links, cause many tutorials have broken links to images.
    Many thanks! are invaluable information for us.
    By the way, this a good, cheap and easy to use soldering iron I have one and 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64 fantastic soldering tips, works great!

  • Enter, but in the answer of the first quiz say the quiz done!.... :(

  • There are other colors or just redones? looking some white and blue, could anyone recomment where to find?
    Thanks a lot.

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