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  • Where's the datasheet? The link above still doesn't work.?

  • Tim,
    What document are you using to figure out how to use GPRS with this module? For instance, how did you figure out you needed the slashes? How did you figure out the the APN was "Broadband"?
    Thanks for you help! We should all write an app note on this when we get it working.

  • Patrick,
    You nailed it! I powered up exactly that sequence and it works for the first time ever!! The documentation on this module and this board sucks beyond belief. Thank you for writing this down.
    I wasted a lot of time trying, unsuccessfully, to use a Tmobile SIM card. It was stuck in a continuous reset looop. So I got an AT&T card and it no longer reset itself but it would not connect. Your tip has allowed me to connect and make voice calls and to send SMS.
    I'm no longer stuck!! Thanks to you!!

  • Has anyone made the SM5100B actually work in North America?? I'm beginning to have doubts, it seems everyone is having trouble with it.

  • I have the same problem. I have been corresponding with LinkSprite tech support (I've gotten no responses from Sparkfun support people) and the band must be changed to GSM850 for north america. The command is AT+SBAND=7. However, this command returns CME ERROR 0 for me. I do not have a resolution to this problem at this time.
    I'm beginning to think this module does not work in North America. Has anyone actually made one acquired from Sparkfun work here in North America???!!???

  • I cannot get any of the test format commands to work. ie any command that ends with =? does not work.
    However, the read commands work for me. Such as AT+SBAND?
    And the commands that have no suffix, such as AT+CSQ seem to work OK.
    However, my unit will not change to the North American band. So AT+SBAND=7 returns CME ERROR 0.
    What's up with this thing?

  • I have the 5100B eval board but it won't even wake up. Windows sees it as a USB port when I plug it in. I'm using TeraTerm and the most I ever get out of the unit is a series of 3 garbage characters.
    First of all: what baud rate does the terminal emulator (TeraTerm) need to be set for? And where in the Sparkfun or FTDI documentation is this described? I've tried every baud rate with no results. I just get a few garbage characters when I hit the reset button on the eval board. Is the board faulty??
    Where is there some overall description of how the eval board behaves?

  • What SIM cards work with this unit?
    I tried to buy a prepaid AT&T microSIM card for this but they said they could not do that. They said their microSIM cards are only for the subscription based Iphones.
    I want to send SMS and email. Only AT&T and Tmobile seem to have email gateways. I have not tried to get a Tmobile SIM card yet.
    So has anyone actually used this to send SMS? To send eMail? How did you do it??

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