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  • Correct, the flash is on the MachXO2 chip itself. The TinyFPGA Programmer programs the FPGA configuration flash by default. I can update the guide so this is more clear (https://tinyfpga.com/a-series-guide.html). The FPGA configuratino flash is fast enough and durable enough that programming the FPGA config RAM is not worthwhile.

  • Hi Mark, you are right! I should have sent SparkFun the MachXO datasheet: MachXO2FamilyDataSheet.pdf.

    The MachXO2 FPGA used in the TinyFPGA AX2 is not 5V tolerant, you'll want to use a level shifter or voltage divider to drive 5v signals into the board.

    The board IOs are set on a 0.1" grid compatible with breadboards and prototyping boards. Socket compatibility depends on the pins you use. That said, the pins are 0.6" apart from the left to right side of the board and there are 12 pins on each side of the board.

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