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  • I’ll start with Postgresql is a very good product that I like a lot.

    That being said, you guys should avoid using stored procedures with postgres. Using them can make it nearly impossible to migrate to any thing else in the future. Stored procedures can make some things super fast and awesome, but they can be a trap.

    Keep up the good work there.

  • This item looks great.

    I am mostly sure I will be getting one.

    Please add a image of the back of this power supply.

    Also, how loud are these? I have a very expensive HP power supply here that runs a fan all the time.

    I hate it.

    I am hoping that these are better.

  • The Sparkfun Halloween party, it’s a happy time.

  • Thank you for the document. It looks like the new design changes are going to be good ones.

    I have noticed that I am able to max out the counts per second with some sources that should be running hotter than I am measuring. This isn’t a big problem as something 60 counts/second is not something that I encounter very often. I’m glad to see something about this in your write-up.

  • I built this geiger counter into a little box with a gps, arduino, and openlog.

    People may be interested.

    Comments are welcome.


    I’d like to say that working with this board was a pleasure.

  • I look forward to saying hello this weekend. Maker faire is always a fun event.

  • They are asking for far more than a small subset of orders.

    A list of all orders going to georiga in a six month window.

    That’s going to be a lot more than 20 people.

    Also, this info will probably become public record. Possibly including all of the credit card numbers. That will make for a one stop shop for identity thiefs.

    And why do they want the shipping method used?

    This request isn’t reasonable.

  • This reminds me of a quote that I picked up in school somewhere.

    Science(or technology) is neither good or evil, nor is it neutral.

    The use of devices purchased at sparkfun are made into something in the form of the creator.

    You guys are fighting a good fight resisting these preposterous requests for customer information.

    Also, isn’t sharing account numbers like credit card numbers rather illegal?

    You know that these lawyers will suspect ALL of the people that ordered from Sparkfun to be guilty.

    Seriously, F*** those guys.

  • The scp1000 sensors are accurate and precise enough to measure what you are looking for here. They are accurate to about 1.5 pascals.

    The bma085 is also a great sensor, but only sensitive enough to about 3 pascals.

    Use the bma085 if you can, they are much easier to work with, and can be hot-air reworked if needed.

    Good luck.

  • The new Sparkfun bunny suit getting mixed reviews.