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    • In the device manager, it also says that the drivers aren't installed for this device. Do I need to download drivers for the device somewhere for it to be recognized via COM port?
  • The board power is switched on. In the device manager it comes up under 'Other devices' as 'LilyPad USB Plus'. I assume I can't see it under the 'Port' menu in the Arduino software as it is not recognized under the 'Port' menu in the device manager. Is there a way to make the device recognizable as a COM port rather than another device? Thanks!

  • I'm currently trying to set up my LilyPad USB Plus. I have been able to select the device under the 'Board' menu, but I can't see the device on the 'Port' menu. I realise there is a warning in the guide about issues with the driver in older versions of Windows (I am using Windows 8); Is this the issue you mean, or have I missed a step/forgotten to install something? Thanks!

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