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  • Two questions: 1. Should this device work with Windows 8 2. Can I power it by connecting "USB" to "BATT"

    I'm getting the famous "USB Device not recognized" when I plug it in to the computer. Anybody have ideas on what I can try now?

  • I'm gonna have to be a bad guy and agree with rsp. Last year was a real mess, with the servers shutting down and thousands people unable to even get a chance after 2 hours of banging the url. I didn't see much sympathy from sparkfun either.

  • Wiml, enjoy an upvote for posting a really valid question.
    here's a datasheet i found

  • totally not a stupid question. A stupid question would be "will i be able to access Sparkfun during free day?"
    You don't need an external crystal.
    Also, the units I have are stamped "434", but there are references to this chip as "433".
    I'm using the library from JeeNodes and have it working using the packetbuffer example.
    also, this chip is quite easy to solder pins to, so you don't need a breakout board.

  • I see over 1200 comments so far. I think it would be quite useful to know what percentage are positive and negative.

  • 50 attempts, 50 failures. i started at 9:02.
    it should be called "free 5 minutes" instead of free day, haha

  • I predict it will be gone before I can answer 3 questions.

  • Apple would require you to join the developer program along with the "made for apple" program, disable SPP bluetooth, and only allow your credits to be used on the app store for Justin Beiber records after submitting your schematic for authentication chip wiring.

  • just a quick note that the pins the crimper is designed for fit a connector that is no longer available here, so you'll need to source that elsewhere.

  • I agree with fluidic on the feel of this encoder. it is very weak, and unstable. but for 3 bucks, it is a great deal for proto work. if you need anything with single-click precision, this model won't work very well. I used Oleg's code and it ran first build, as advertised.

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