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  • Came by to check if there was a USB C version yet, thought I'd stop to say that I love this cable to pieces (not literally) and keep buying them for different lab spaces. It's soooo nice not having to dig around for the right cable for the particular gizmo I'm using that day. Thanks for making it!

  • Are there any plans to make one of these with all 5 IO pins broken out? That would be super awesome!

  • Would changing the browser timeout length have any effect on the distinction people are pointing out between "servers are slow" and "servers are not slow, they're DOWN!"?
    I should have thought of that this morning. :)
    I finalized my cart yesterday, but this morning some items I had removed were back in. I thought that was interesting--reaaaally slow responses to previous add to cart requests? Or the database getting mixed up somehow?
    Thanks in any case!...I didn't get any free stuff, but it was fun to watch and I have some well-researched project ideas now, just have to save up a little longer.

  • Can someone give me the diameter and height of the round button itself? Thank you!

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