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  • I built one a year or so back via the Lepton groupget. I used a PSOne screen via composite out. I'd tried an SPI-based screen, but there's not enough bandwidth for both the screen and the sensor.

    It works fine as an amusement, but is limited by the lack of the calibrating shutter. Sensor nonuniformity is visible and detracts from the image when the sensor is set to auto-scale the data to visualize small temperature differences.

    Given the cost, I would just opt for the finished product with the calibration shutter.

  • Got a Mega Pro 3.3v for $5! It had two solder bridges on the ATMEGA2560 pins - easily fixed. It took a bit to figure out I needed a specific bootloader for the 8mhz clock, but once burned, it worked perfectly.

    Thanks, Sparkfun!

  • Just got one of these. Mine 'ticks' from somewhere on the board but it seems to count events fine and no false events from the ticking. Thinking the ticking might be from the switch, I unsoldered it, but something is still ticking.

    Some suggestions for the next version: - break out the remaining pins - ship with Arduino bootloader; those who don't want it can easily remove it and those lacking avr-gcc skills will have an easier time modding it.

  • Make it easier on yourselves: type only one character for the unknown image and the known one correctly. The known one is wavy and has an inverted spot.

    Otherwise you're just doing OCR for someone for free.

  • OK looks like it has current-sink outputs so CA only. Too bad.<br />
    <br />
    How about a MAX6955 board for 8 CC 16-segment displays? Sure, the chip costs more but you only need one.

  • Can it be programmed to sink vs. source current? I have a large quantity of common-cathode displays that are the right size.

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