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  • Syndicated,<br />
    <br />
    The Pin layout and defines don't seem to match up with the actual board.<br />
    <br />

    define PIN_SCE 7 // LCD CS .... Pin 3<br />

    define PIN_RESET 6 // LCD RST .... Pin 1<br />

    define PIN_DC 5 // LCD Dat/Com. Pin 5<br />

    define PIN_SDIN 4 // LCD SPIDat . Pin 6<br />

    define PIN_SCLK 3 // LCD SPIClk . Pin 4<br />

    // LCD Gnd .... Pin 2<br />
    // LCD Vcc .... Pin 8<br />
    // LCD Vlcd ... Pin 7<br />
    <br />
    For the PCD8544 this seems to be the correct layout<br />
    <br />

    define PIN_SCE 3<br />

    define PIN_RESET 4<br />

    define PIN_DC 5<br />

    define PIN_SDIN 6<br />

    define PIN_SCLK 7<br />

    define PIN_LED 8<br />

    <br />
    Is there something I'm missing how you got this to work?

  • I have this board. But I was hoping I could decode the midi and send the information via the TX pin or any of the D2-D13 pins. Looking at the Arduino Sketch provided, how could I use the Midi In and sending information via these pins.
    Any help or tips is appreciated

  • I have the board set up and working for lighting el wire. Now the next step, is I want to interface with a Sparkfun product, the Midi Shield Tx output. I'm thinking I can do this via the El Sequencer "Analog" inputs, how can I set those pins up in the code to receive information from the Midi Shield and to give a variable so I can do a "while-for" ?
    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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