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  • Here's my small review of using the El Tape this holloween.

    PROS: Overall the tape looks great, its very bright relative to el wire and you can cut the ends to any distance you like (or shape). When you cut the tape, make sure you cover up the exposed annode and cathode ends of the exposed tape, otherwise you will get shocked by touching it. :) I had the el tape running down the outer seam of my pants and sewed it with 8lb fishing line so I had flexibility without the el tape falling off....try to avoid using hot glue to secure it, it will not stick if you flex the tape. Its a lot wider than el wire so it really stands out in comparison.

    CONS: Just like mentioned in the comments below...the soldered joints are relatively weak...mainly because it is thin tape, so it's kind of expected. I would recommend using hot glue on the joint or something of that sort to strengthen it. Re-soldering the joints did not work for me because they are wrapped in laminated sheets and it just caused them to melt and eventually had to trash that el tape.

    OVERALL: If you use the El Tape be very careful in handling it. you dont want to flex it too much since it will weaken the solder joints, and the laminate can become bubbly. I would place it somewhere where it will not be moved/touched too much. From walking around all night in the bars with them on my pants at the end of the night one of the el tapes ended up going out due to a delicate solder joint on the EL Tape.

    Here is a few videos of me messing with them. I did one dark shot to see how it looked on my camera (galaxy s3 phone) and one using my gopro2 riding my motorcycle with my costume on. I used the escuedo2 with an arduino pro, and just set a few random loops to blink/fade etc...


    GoPro2 video (outside):

    Camera Phone Video (Inside):

  • Thanks Sparkfun for putting on the Freeday once again. Although I spent almost 3 hours of captcha'ing and didn't win, thats ok, cause it was all free to begin with. Hopefully people do not complain that they didn't win, its FREE!. I'm going to go to the doctors now and see if I have carpal tunnel syndrome :P

  • I bought the el sequencer last year and had great results with my holloween costume. I used all 8 channels and had minor problems with shorting out here and there randomly. This year, I haven't changed anything except now 4 of the channels are running el tape. But now the board shocks me whenever i touch it, even disconnecting the el tape and running just el wire, same thing. If I barely shake the board, the reset button triggers and restarts my program. I even built a plastic housing to prevent anything from touching the outputs, but its very glitchy and pretty unreliable. Anyone else experiencing this? I followed all the tutorials on setting it up just like last year, like I said, everything is the same as before. Now that its 3 days before holloween, my costume is screwed! :(

  • I started troubleshooting the problem. The black box printed on the screen is a '0x00'. So i looked into what would be causing that, I had an older function to Erase a block from an arduino library that i used to reference for my pic library i made. It was passing in 5 parameters, the 5th one being 0 or 1,which thanks to @PhysComp Hobbyist, I read his comment a from a while back saying that the 5th parameter is not supposed to be there, so I updated the library i setup and the blocks are gone.

  • Hi sparkfun, new problem on the screen here.... I'm using 115200 baud, i have a routine that updates a temperature reading every 5 seconds, I clear a box where the previous temp was and update the newer temp. But I have a black box that shows up to the right of my written text.....what is causing this? I set the baud to 9600 and ran the routine, same thing :(
    Here's a link to a pic of the blocks i was talking about...

  • Hi again, you know, no delay needed i found out. I wasn't getting anything on the display, and i came to find out that the pot on the back of the screen is very sensitive! I barely turned it and got the demo command showing. cheers.

  • Hey sparkfun, I was wondering if there is any timing requirements between the (0x7c) command and any write after words? (Ex: Running the demo code: WriteUART1(0x7c); WriteUART1(0x04);)... I have a PIC32 i'm using the glcd with, and i'm referencing the arduino example code to make up my own code for the pic, just wanted to know if I should have any sort of delay statemnt inbetween these writes. thanks!

  • Don't get me wrong, i was frustrated at my ability to spam F5 on SF, but its disappointing people are so quick to point fingers when something doesn't work out in their favor.

  • Sparkfun + complaining about free giveaways = jackass

  • How about everyone that is complaining do us a favor, walk into kitchen, get a knife and place it under your ears, go from one ear to the other, thanks. If you're going to create a profile 1 or 2 days before the event and then complain, just keep your comments to yourselves. I spent over an hour on sparkfun as well and only got to 4 quesions, but its FREE. I wouldn't even consider these people sore losers, they have lost nothing, except maybe a few hours of free time.

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