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  • I have disassembled one with no problems.
    Simply remove the tape with care, and unsolder the 'protection board' from the cell tabs.
    On mine two of the cells' tabs were spot welded and the third's tabs were soldered on to the first two. The board was tacked on to that.
    I gently cut the tabs with an exacto to separate the spot welded tabs.
    I reassembled mine without the 'protection board' and now it delivers what I expected. The board and its wires are not suitable to handle the full output of the pack.
    The reason I quote the 'protection board' is that I'm not really sure why they used that one. The pack is clearly rated at 6000 mA but at just under 4000 mA the output shut off.
    In researching the chips on the board and the way they were configured per their datasheets showed they really were set for ONE cell. The cell is rated at 2C and indeed the board shuts off its output at just around that rating. If there were one board for each cell it would have worked fine.
    I suspect they have one board on the single cell items, and just use the same board for the three cell items. Regardless, it rendered the pack unusable for my application, but when removed the pack was great.
    That being said, this pack has been an incredible workhorse for me! Using my own protection and chargers I've managed to get great performance. It runs for hours and hours with heavy loads and is very predictable if one follows the advice of the datasheet provided above.

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