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  • Ok so if anyone reads this in the future, you CAN use this shield for wireless arduino programming but not "out of the box", i had to solder some components on the prototyping area and it wasn't pretty but it absolutely works.
    The circuit i added is the same as the one ladyada used for her wireless arduino programming tutorial i just adapted it for the prototyping area so i wouldn't need wires going to a breadboard and back. If anyone needs help or wants to see what my board looks like after the mod send me an email, this same username at gmail. :)

  • If you follow the line coming off of xbee DIO3, it appears to go to a solder pad (to make the connection optional?), then a resistor, then to a through-hole to the other side of the board where a trace connects to the arduino reset pin.
    To make a long story short, is this shield setup for wireless remote programming/reset? Or will i have to use the prototype area to include the same circuits (cap, resistor, transistor) that ladyada used in her tutorial for remote programming?

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