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  • Regarding these two requirements: - Use some (or all) Actobotics parts. - Use some (or all) SparkFun parts.

    Does that mean: (a) You must use some Acrobotics Parts AND some Sparkfun Parts or (b) You must use some Acrobotics Parts OR some Sparkfun Parts

    For example if my climber is built using an Arduino that I bought from Sparkfun and has no Acrobotics parts can I enter it?

  • So what could possibly be more dangerous than using TTL logic to control the shocks in your car while going 100mph+. ;)
    Here's a breadboard prototype I did of a closed loop manual controller for an adjustable Macpherson Strut that is used in a Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4.
    It uses 74xx TTL logic circuits and 1 SN754410 motor driver.
    2nd Vid actually shows it controlling the strut- if you listen closely at the beginning of the video you can hear the motors inside the strut.
    I abandonded this design approach and went a different path.

  • Engadget's write up on ioio.

  • Outstanding. Very Nicely done.

  • I notice your not doing any logic level conversion ( 3.3v to 5v ) for the SDA,SCL,SDO pins between the sensor and the Arduino pins.
    Is this because in your example you are using a 3.3v Arduino or because it's not neccessary for an SPI interface?
    Thanks Marcus

  • Presumably the Arduino communicates to the shield via the SPI Interface pins.
    So Is there any sample Arduino code for this shield?
    This shield has a mini Joystick & Serial LCD pins - this would require Arduino code to use these yes? or is there Software already loaded on the board to use these devices?

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